Mystical Group of Companies is a Canadian company with locations in Ontario, British Columbia, U.S.A. and Scotland. As a whole the company offers many different product lines for wholesale distribution to resellers, retailers, distributors and others.

Mystical Group of Companies extremely service oriented and will work closely with you and your business to get you started with their products. Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler or distributor, Mystical has the products you need to increase profits! Check us out and give us a call today!

Canadians celebrate many events throughout the year and Mystical is proud to be a part of them. Whether it's Canada Day, Victoria Day, Saint Jean Baptiste Day, Diwali, Halloween, New Years or any other celebration - Make it more enjoyable with Mystical Fireworks!
Flying Lanterns, also known as Sky Lanterns, will add an exciting new element to your party. Their sparkle can be seen flying in the night air and will travel several miles. Sky Lanterns can fly to more than 1,000 feet in altitude, providing an enjoyable yet amazingly simple show for all ages. Paper lanterns are used to celebrate many events throughout the year.
Add some spice to your next wood burning fire by making it a Mystical Fire! Mystical Fire is a campfire novelty that will provide colorful flames for any wood burning fire! Everyone who enjoys Bonfires will love watching the color of the flames change with this bonfire novelty.
Welcome to - Where fun is a Snap™ We've been expecting you!

We are your one stop online shop for quality Glow Sticks, Glow Necklaces, Glow Bracelets, Glow Earrings, Glow Eyeglasses and Military Glow Sticks.

With over 90,000,000 sold worldwide, our products continue to be the best natural protection available against biting insects. People love the fact that they can use our products to create an invisible shield around them to keep insects away.
Bug Bracelet is an extremely effective way to rid yourself of pesky biting insects such as mosquitos, blackflies and midges. Simply take a bracelet from the package and Slip It On!

Slip It On your wrist or ankle for hours of protection!

With Predator Firework Firing System you can ignite your entire family Firework display from a safe distance of over 100 feet using the Infrared Transmitter. Each Predator Remote Firing System comes ready to fire 15 Fireworks, includes an Infrared Transmitter and a receiver making the Predator Firework Firing System the only reliable Remote Firework Ignition System for consumers.
Trenton Self Storage and Business Center offers state-of-the-art storage facilities and business services for small to large businesses. All services are secured with the most up-to-date security technology ensuring all of our customers receive our best. Everything you need to store household items or business related items all in one convenient location.
TSS Hosting provides the most secure, affordable Hosting services available with up-to-date technology for your website.

With TSS Hosting you can be assured you will receive nothing but the highest quality of service and the best technology available today.

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